How does Robokiller block spam text messages?

Scammers are resorting to using text messages much more frequently. However, Robokiller has got your back with both call and SMS protection in the same app.


So, how does RoboKiller keep your message inbox spam-free?


When a message is sent to you, RoboKiller checks a few things to ensure it is safe:

Block/Allow List: RoboKiller first checks to see if the message is from a number on your Block or Allow List in the app. If it is on your Block List, RoboKiller won't let it pass through.


Number Screening: If the number isn't on your Block  List, RoboKiller will check the number's reputation for spam. If a number is a repeat offender, it will be blocked.


Message Screening: RoboKiller also checks for suspicious phrases and message content that are known to be connected to scams. When doing this, your information always remains anonymous to protect your privacy. 


When RoboKiller recognizes that a message is spam, it will place that message into your Junk folder in your Messages app. And you can always check yourself to make sure RoboKiller made the right decision. 


RoboKiller algorithms are constantly improving and learning so even if a spam message slips through the cracks, the scammer won’t fool us for lon

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