RoboKiller is incorrectly blocking calls from my Contacts List.

If RoboKiller is incorrectly blocking incoming phone calls from your contacts, this may be due to an issue receiving VoIP calls on your phone, which are placed over a data connection as opposed to the phone network.

To ensure you are able to receive VoIP calls without issue, please check to make sure RoboKiller has access to Cellular Data by opening the Settings app, tapping on “RoboKiller”, and checking that “Cellular Data” is toggled on. In addition, you’ll need to ensure you have a data plan with your phone carrier. If you run out of data for the month, RoboKiller calls won’t be able to ring your phone.

Also, in June 2020, RoboKiller identified a bug in our VoIP calling system that may be preventing some calls from being able to connect, including some from contacts. This bug is currently only affecting customers using Unconditional Call Forwarding (iOS 12) on app versions 5.0 and above. We are actively investigating and working on fixing the issue. We will post an update when the issue is resolved as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, you can follow these steps for temporary troubleshooting and potential fixes.

Ensure RoboKiller is on installed on your device.

Since iOS 11, Apple introduced a feature that will automatically partially delete apps when rarely used. Because RoboKiller is an app that largely runs in the background for many users, it’s prone to get offloaded. 


When the app is offloaded, there will be a cloud icon next to the name.

To reinstall the app, just tap the app icon which will reinstall it for you. You will automatically be logged in and VoIP calls will resume as normal. To prevent this from happening again, you may also want to check and ensure that the Offloading feature is disabled.

In your iPhone's Settings:

  • Go to General > iPhone Storage
  • Disable 'Offload Unused Apps


Reprogram RoboKiller on your device.

Incorrect call blocking may be related to RoboKiller’s integration with your phone carrier.  Due to the highly technical way RoboKiller blocks spam calls, the app occasionally needs to be re-connected to your call forwarding settings.  

To reprogram RoboKiller and correct its call blocking functionality, please follow the instructions below:

In the RoboKiller app:

  • Tap the Settings tab on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Under Phone Setup, tap Troubleshoot Phone Setup.
  • If prompted, select Continue to run the setup again.
  • Tap Start Setup or Call Setup Code to proceed through the app's activation steps.

Your phone should either beep and disconnect, confirm that calls will be forwarded, or display a Setting Activation Succeeded message. This message confirms that your Conditional Call Forwarding feature is set up again with RoboKiller.

If you experience any issues when following these recommended troubleshooting steps, please reach out to our Technical Support Team at

Deprogram RoboKiller on your device.

If reprogramming your existing carrier integration with RoboKiller is not successful, you may need to completely deprogram RoboKiller. This process is essentially the “turn it off and turn it back on” of RoboKiller’s call blocking setup. 

To deprogram your call blocking integration with RoboKiller, please follow these instructions:

In the RoboKiller app (Recommended):

  • Tap the Settings tab in the bottom right of your app
  • Tap Help & Support
  • Tap Deactivate This Phone
  • Follow the on-screen instructions 

Deactivating RoboKiller’s call blocking within the app settings is the most effective way to ensure you are properly deprogrammed with RoboKiller. If you are unable to deprogram within the app, you can also visit the following website and follow the simple instructions:

If you are unable to successfully deprogram RoboKiller following these steps, you may need to take additional action to disable RoboKiller’s integration with your carrier. Please follow the steps on this Help Center Article here for specific steps to deprogram RoboKiller by each major phone carrier. 

If you run into any issues be sure to reach out to our Technical Support Team at Please note that we are presently experiencing longer than expected wait times due to this issue, and are doing our best to ensure we get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience!


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