Why am I being asked to enable Microphone access?

You may have noticed with our most recent update of RoboKiller, we now ask for permission to access your iPhone's microphone. Here's why:

RoboKiller only allows calls from your contacts and your in-app Allowed list to ring directly to the iOS native phone app. All other calls will first be screened by RoboKiller to ensure each call that rings on your phone is worth your time. When a call is screened and is recognized as a "safe" call, we'll send it back to you via VoIP. Without microphone permission, the person on the other end of this call will not be able to hear you when you answer.

RoboKiller ONLY accesses your microphone to ensure you have a positive experience answering the safe calls that we allow to ring your phone. We believe that trust is earned, and designed this new update to ensure RoboKiller users can feel safe granting RoboKiller mic access. 

We understand the privacy concerns surrounding microphone access. Despite other bad actors that may have given microphone access a bad reputation, we can assure you RoboKiller will never use or access your microphone outside of a screened call. We also do not store/share that audio in any way. 


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