How can I allow calls that RoboKiller is blocking to ring through?

The best way to ensure that RoboKiller doesn't block a wanted call is to add the number to your phone's Contacts. RoboKiller does a great job of differentiating unwanted calls from calls that you want to receive but occasionally, one may slip through. If you want to receive calls from that number but do not want to add it to your contacts, here is what you can do to help improve the service not only for yourself but also for the entire RoboKiller community.

In the RoboKiller app:

From the Recents tab at the bottom, tap on the number you would like to allow and then on the bottom of the next screen under "Next time this number calls:" tap Allow.


  1. Tap the Settings tab in the bottom right of your app.
  2. Tap Block/Allow List.
  3. Ensure Allow is selected at the top, then tap the Add to Allow List button.
  4. Enter the 10 digit number or alternately just choose a number from the list.
  5. Enter a name/label for the range and tap the Allow button.
  6. Optional: Select if you want to add the number to Contacts.
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