What can I do to allow calls that RoboKiller is blocking to ring through? (Android)

If RoboKiller is blocking a phone number that you wish to ring through, we ask that you use RoboKiller's 'Allow' list feature to prevent the number from being blocked. Once a number is added to the allowed list, it will always ring through to your phone. The Block/Allow lists also helps us detect which callers are legitimate or spam. We use these Block/Allow list to determine which numbers should or should not be blocked. 

To add a number into this Allow List, open up RoboKiller on your phone, then locate the "Block/Allow" menu at the bottom. You should then be brought to a page with three options at the top. If you select "Allow", then the "+" near the bottom right. From there you will have to manually add the number you wish to allow. 


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