Do I need to enable both RoboKiller switches in my Call Blocking & Identification settings?

Yes. Many users on the latest version of RoboKiller may notice that there are now two buttons to enable when setting up RoboKiller in your iPhone's Call Blocking & Identification settings. One is called RoboKiller - 1 while the other is called RoboKiller - 2. These two buttons allow RoboKiller to successfully block calls on your iPhone. Please ensure that they are both enabled when setting up RoboKiller.

RoboKiller has done its best to combat neighbor spoofed calls by introducing Neighbor Spoof Blocking. This feature, when turned on in the app, will block all numbers that share the same first 4-6 digits as yours. Don't worry, if your spouse or other family members have phone numbers similar to yours, they will not be blocked as long as their numbers are saved in your contacts.

If you do not wish to use the Neighbor Spoof Blocking feature, you can disable it in the app using the instructions below.

  1. Open the RoboKiller app and go to Settings ⚙️ on the bottom right of the app's screen.
  2. Tap Blocking Settings.
  3. Turn the switch next to Neighbor Spoof Blocking to its OFF position.



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