Why won't RoboKiller activate on my Android device? (US Only)

First, please, make sure your carrier and pricing plan both support call forwarding. Some carriers (MetroPCS, C-Spire, etc.) may not have the call forwarding feature included in your plan by default. The app will work best with busy, unanswered, and unreachable calls forwarded only, but if your carrier can only forward (or not) all of your calls, - that's OK too. The app needs any call forwarding to work.

Second, please visit the Play Store and ensure that you have the latest version. Even if you do, you may want to delete and reinstall the application just to be safe.

If RoboKiller appears to have stopped working or if you were unable to activate in the app, you may need to manually activate RoboKiller on your phone. To do so, please turn off your phone's wifi, then dial and call the Main Programming Code(s) associated with your phone carrier from the chart below:

Carrier Main Programming Code(s) Alternate Programming Code(s)
 Verizon: *718573258001

*908573258001 *928573258001

 AT&T: **004*6506738002#  

**61*6506738002# **62*6506738002# **67*6506738002#

 T-Mobile: **004*5164941002# **61*5164941002# **62*5164941002# **67*5164941002#

*735164942003 *745164942003

 US Cellular:

*908574140004 *928574140004




**61*8055928005# **62*8055928005# **67*8055928005#

If you do not see your carrier listed above, your phone carrier may not offer a feature called "Conditional Call Forwarding". Don't worry! You will still be able to use a basic version of the RoboKiller app which does not utilize the features that depend on conditional call forwarding. 
If you are still experiencing issues after calling the Main Programming Code(s) from the chart above, please dial and call the Alternate Programming Code(s) associated with your phone carrier from the chart above. Be sure to include any special symbols in the listed code such as * and/or #. Your phone should either beep and disconnect, confirm that calls will be forwarded, or display a Setting Activation Succeeded message.

Still have questions? Support is available through the app or on our website at www.robokiller.com/support. We'd be glad to help!

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