How can I reprogram if RoboKiller stopped working on my device?

If RoboKiller appears to have stopped working on your device, you may need to reprogram. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

In the RoboKiller app:

  1. Tap the Settings tab on the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Under Phone Setup, tap Troubleshoot Phone Setup.
  3. If prompted, select Continue to run the setup again.
  4. Tap Start Setup or Call Setup Code to proceed through the app's activation steps.

Your phone should either beep and disconnect, confirm that calls will be forwarded, or display a Setting Activation Succeeded message. This message confirms that your Conditional Call Forwarding feature is setup again with RoboKiller. 

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  • I've changed my phone from the LG Stylo2V to a Motorola Moto Z3. All my data was transferred to the new phone but RoboKiller did not. The icon is on my phone but I don't believe the system is working. Can you check or how can I check? Email is

  • “Failed to get accounts phone number”. Is the error message that I get. The dismiss button doesn’t work. This has been installed on my iPhone XS Max for months with no issues. How do I fix? None of your articles address this.

  • Same problem here - "Whoops! Failed to get accounts phone number", and then a dismiss button, WHICH DOES NOT WORK. I would like my money back. I have submitted a form.

  • Like Bob Broyles,
    “Failed to get accounts phone number” Is the error message that I get.
    The dismiss button doesn’t work.
    This is installed on my iPhone 8+ for a week. How do I fix? None of your articles address this.

  • Same issue as above. Dismiss button doesn’t work, can’t access the app. Please solve, and respond to
    Your customers.

  • Same exact issue here. I had to remove the app from my iPhone and reinstall it. Fortunately, my custom answer bot was not lost.

  • Yes, I just tried that before you posted and came back to post the same solution, but you beat me to it. Thanks!

  • The same for me it stopped working please fix the problem

  • Same here. Got error this morning on iPhone 8+ (v.12.2). Applied IOS update to 12.3 and still getting error. Guessing app needs updated to fix.

  • The app appears to be losing or corrupting the account phone number. Until Robokiller issues a patch, the only known way to resolve this is to delete the app from your device and download it again and reconfigure it.

  • It is not possible to reach the settings when this happens. I removed the app from my iphone, redownload, and reinstalled it. Now works fine. Didn't take long, and it retained my history.

  • had same issue as above, had to delete app and re install!

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