What do I do if RoboKiller is missing some spam calls?

While a typical user sees a reduction of as much as 90% in the amount of spam and robocalls received in the first 30 days, that still leaves another 10% that may get through - and yes, there are things that you can do to improve the service not only for yourself but also the entire RoboKiller community.

If the offending caller was identified by RoboKiller, go to the RoboKiller Spam Box (aka the "Recents" tab), scroll to the entry for the caller and tap Block. Doing this does two things: first, it adds that number to your personal block list and second, it tells us that we got it wrong. This way we can improve our spam detection in the future.

If the caller was not identified, you can go to the Block tab in the app and add the number manually, which will have the same effect as tapping the Block button.

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  • Hello, I am getting a little frustrated with Robokiller lately. Spam calls are coming in and my phone rings with the spam number. That spam number is either blocked or known to RoboKiller. I have to ignore the call. Then when I ignore the call, then push notification comes in and says Spam Call blocked and listen. This is very annoying and this product has started to fail. Support is not so great either. What do I need to do to get full coverage with RoboKiller?

  • Today is May 8. The last "spam" call that was blocked by RoboKiller was on April 16th. However, I have received 7 other calls that were all spam that your app did not catch. Is there an easier way to mark these numbers as spam instead of having to manually input every single one? I wouldn't mind it if was just one or two - but 7 phone numbers that your app missed. Either improve this or I am cancelling my subscription.

  • I'm really aggravated because every time Robokiller misses spam calls and I reactivate it, my voicemail doesn't pick up. The phone just rings and rings. Verizon can't fix it and I'm tired of this happening. Please make an update to fix this bug or I'm canceling my yearly subscription.

  • I don't see the SPAM call I got from 303-870-0641 in my RoboKiller "Recents".

  • Quick Update All****
    I have been working with RoboKiller support. The lady has been very helpful. However, my issue is not fixed. Robokiller cannot block all spammers. There are spammers out there that can break through their filters. They do not want to admit it. I have done a test, by blocking my other phone number and calling my primary phone where I have RoboKiller configured. It workes every time. However certain spammers my phone rings and I have to ignore their call. RoboKiller once was the king and now we need more product like it who can compete. For what it stands nobody from RoboKiller has made a comment on here. It shows that they don't care. They are making money with a product that is only 95% effective. To them, that is a high standard. They do not want to raise the bar. I am very disappointed. I have done what they exactly asked me to do and their support communication has been silent since last week. They do not have a solution to this problem. I have Verizon, and they are also not up to par with it comes with spam blocking. I hope one day someone makes a solid product. Oh, by the way, their app store feedback is rigged. you cannot leave them negative feedback. It does not get posted. My rating as of now is a one star for them not caring...

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