Is Family Sharing supported and can I use a single Apple ID to purchase RoboKiller on multiple devices?

Unfortunately, RoboKiller does not support Apple's iTunes Family Sharing. If you have another iPhone you'd like to activate with RoboKiller, you'll need to use a different Apple ID to purchase a membership.

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    Please correct your Apple itunes app listing which gives out incorrect information. When I paid for Robokiller, I was expecting family sharing based on the Apple app listing.



    Family Sharing
    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

  • Add: does this preclude a discount for multiple phones? Whether or not under a sole Apple ID or an Android product Instead? I'm odd with a family of both.

  • If you look on the phone app it does state that "In-app purchases can't be shared with family members" That is too bad. I was looking to use this for all my family members as even my kids get spam and telemarketing calls.

  • I wouldn't have paid for the year if i had known the sharing wasnt available.

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