How do I use RoboKiller's Pause Call Blocking feature? (iOS Only)

As of our latest app update, version 4.6, users are now able to temporarily pause RoboKiller's call blocking within the RoboKiller app. This means if you are expecting an important call from an unknown number, you can rest assured knowing you will receive the call without any interference. 

To temporarily pause RoboKiller, please open the RoboKiller app, click the Settings tab at the bottom right of your screen, tap Blocking Settings, tap the Pause Call Blocking switch and select the amount of time you would like to pause RoboKiller for. You will know RoboKiller has been paused when the screen turns orange.

Note: Call blocking may not start immediately after the selected time runs out, it may take a few minutes to update your phone's call kit, so you may still receive a spam call for a short amount of time. You can open the app and it will update immediately.

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