What carriers are compatible with RoboKiller?




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    I have xfinity mobile service which uses Zerizon. Is this compatible with robo?

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    Darlene D'Angelo-Wilson

    I recently changed to Xfinity mobile after I had been using Robokiller for just 4 months. I can’t get it to activate on Xfinity even though it uses Verizon towers and lines. Do I need to deactivate my Robokiller on this phone and reinstall it?

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    Technical Support

    XFinity unfortunately does not provide conditional call forwarding which is a feature RoboKiller needs in order to work. Some users may be able to get RoboKiller active depending on which part of Verizon's network they are using. If you come across a lot of trouble getting activated with XFinity, you are most likely not supported and will have to use the Basic version of RoboKiller. Reach out to our support team for help with this part!

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