What is "Neighbor Spoofing" and how do I enable it?

Spoofing is a tactic that spam callers use to hide their caller ID and display any number they want. The term "Neighbor Spoofing" refers to telemarketers and scammers changing their phone number to resemble your phone number. They may use the same first few digits of your number when calling you, hoping to increase their chances of getting you to answer.

RoboKiller has done it's best to combat these types of calls by introducing Neighbor Spoof Blocking. This feature is available on RoboKiller version 4.0 and when turned on in the app, we will block all numbers that share the same first 4-6 digits as yours. Don't worry, if your spouse or other family members have phone numbers similar to yours, they will not be blocked as long as their numbers are saved in your contacts.

To enable the Neighbor Spoof Blocking feature:

  1. Open the RoboKiller app and go to Settings ⚙️ on the bottom right of the app's screen.
  2. Tap Blocking Settings.
  3. Turn the switch next to Neighbor Spoof Blocking to its ON position.


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  • Hey! With both Apple and Android, you now have the ability to block and allow ranges of phone numbers. Due to Apple's restrictions on the amount of numbers that can be blocked, the shortest range we can allow users to block is 5 digits.

    Android allows for a wider range of numbers to be blocked, allowing users to block any area code. That means that if you’d like to ensure calls from a specific area code or exchange code reach your phone, you can now allow/block them with ease.


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