What is "Neighbor Spoofing" and how do I enable it?




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    Samuel Leung

    I'm getting a lot of spoofed calls from numbers that are near where I live, but not on same exchange. (e.g. xxx-yyy-zzzz, xxx matches and yyy is from a nearby town). Is there a way to add other "neighborhoods" to spoofing protection?

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    Technical Support

    Hey! With both Apple and Android, you now have the ability to block and allow ranges of phone numbers. Due to Apple's restrictions on the amount of numbers that can be blocked, the shortest range we can allow users to block is 5 digits.

    Android allows for a wider range of numbers to be blocked, allowing users to block any area code. That means that if you’d like to ensure calls from a specific area code or exchange code reach your phone, you can now allow/block them with ease.


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