Why doesn’t RoboKiller for Android have all the same features as the iOS version?




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    Greg McFall - NOAA Federal

    Why do you have to manually add numbers that RK is not catching?  Why does it not include a feature to switch over to your phone's "recent caller list" and allow you to select which numbers to block and therefore add to your database?  My phone is a Galaxy S5 and does not allow you to copy phone numbers from the "recents" list and paste them into RK; a long hold on the number means that you want to delete it and does not allow you to copy it.

    Download the app "Calls Blacklist" to see an example of the feature that I'm referring to

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    Hi Greg! We are working on implementing a "Block" button option for calls that we are able to log to make this process much easier. This will hopefully be added soon in a future update.

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    Benjamin Stroud

    How come I keep getting the same numbers in my call log been blocked and how come every call I receive that robo killer blocks is not been recorded and how come not every number shows up I my blocked call log some numbers don't show up it just shows a time a call was blocked but no number there are major issues you need to fix with the android version and you need to give us all of the iOS features on the android version

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    Hey Benjamin! We apologize for the issues you are experiencing with the app. We offer Live Chat support in the app's Support section from Monday - Friday (10AM - 9PM EST). Please reach out to one of our Technical Support Engineers through Live Chat. They will be able to look further into these issues for you. As stated above, we are working on improving the Android app to not only reach the level of our iOS app, but surpass it in regards to features and functionality. 

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