What are Answer Bots and how do they work?




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    So, question - I have this one super annoying caller who literally calls me two to three times a day. Each time starts with a script that requires you to press 1 to talk to the real person (and waste their time like they've wasted mine so often!). So how can I do this? Before getting Robokiller I have told him three times to remove me from his list. I'd love to waste several minutes of his time next time he calls me, but the answer bot doesn't know to press '1'...

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    T-bone Jones

    Yes it sends the tone like you pressed 1 to talk to an agent.  I was wondering that too until I got a message and listened to the recording from ‘card services’

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    Pavel Kouzmitcheu

    How is it possible to block and at the same time to record the call? I believe your robot does actually answer the call, correct? Then, why don't you show processed calls as answered (with the duration info)rather than blocked? I believe currently there is now way to figure out how long the communication between bots lasted. When your "bot" is "chatting" with a spam-bot can I use the phone to call someone? Can others reach me?

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