RoboKiller is missing some spam calls. What do I do?




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    Margaret Lefavour

    It stopped for me as well and the app requires me to start as if I am just signing up. Love this app. A few calls get through but these have my area code.

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    Hi Margaret! If our app is constantly making you enter in your phone number and go through the setup process again, then you can try completely resetting our app on your device by first uninstalling our app, then restart your phone, then reinstall our app again in that order. Doing this will completely clear your app's cache and allow you to stay logged in as intended. Regarding these harassing calls from your area code, we had included a new neighbor spoofing extension that will allow us to block calls from phone numbers that match the same first 4 digits of your phone number outside of your contacts list. For any other spam phone number that we miss, you can add them onto your block list from within the app so that they will not be able to call you again while alerting us about these callers.

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    Maynard Handley

    "If the caller was not identified, you can go to the Block tab in the app and add the number manually, which will have the same effect as tapping the Block button."


    Look, I understand that you have limitations in what you can do, but do you realize how idiotic this is? You expect me to take the time to remember a 10 digit number, switch from one app to another, then type it? That is CRAZY.

    What you SHOULD be doing is tapping into the list of items that I've blocked in Apple's phone app, where it's trivial (a single click) to block a number. If Apple doesn't allow you to do this, you need to work with them to find alternatives that achieve the same effect. Because assuming that people are going to go through this remember/switch/type routine three or four times a day, every day, is utterly decoupled from reality. 

    It was precisely this ridiculous inability to sensibly block calls within Nomorobo that led to me abandoning t last time I tried. I'll try again with iOS12, but if this isn't fix, I foresee a second abandoning. 

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    I've had calls come in that are definitely SPAM.  I let them go into voicemail.  Then I get a popup that says that Robokiller blocked the call right after.  Happened 4 times this week.  I went in and added them to my block list---but I shouldnt have to do this right?  Isnt that what Robokiller is for?  

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    Rick Walker

    I also have spam calls coming in, with the same first six digits as my phone number, and the calls are still ringing through (and yes, neighborhood spoof blocking is on).

    I decline the phone call, and 10 seconds later, I get a notification that Robokiller has blocked a spam call.  No, I declined a spam call while robokiller let it through.  Isn’t the point of Robokiller to stop the calls from coming through?  Why am I paying for a service that requires me to still have to hear the annoying ringing of my phone and then have to decline the phone call myself.

    Not impressed.

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    I'm on day three of the five-day trial period. The app says that on the first day, a couple of calls were blocked, but it hasn't blocked anything since or acknowledged any kind of call at all. Instead, the same old robo call spam just keeps ringing and delivering their spammy, recorded sales pitches just like always.

    The instructions for setting up Robokiller are incomplete, disjointed and confusing, but I've gone through them several times to make sure it's set up correctly on my iPhone.

    So, far I'm unimpressed and won't make it past my free trial period if this thing doesn't start working as promised. Instead, I'll just go back to blocking every number that's not in my contact list. Too bad, I hoped this would work. So far, it doesn't.

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