RoboKiller is missing some spam calls. What do I do?




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    Technical Support

    We have seen a few similar questions regarding our Spam blocking so hopefully this gives a better understanding on how RoboKiller should be blocking calls. 

    As mentioned above RoboKiller should block most spam calls. When RoboKiller misses a call, which you believe to be spam, you can easily add this number to your block list from within the app. A call which is identified as spam by RoboKiller should never ring on your device. If a call rings on your device, and THEN is identified as spam, this indicates that RoboKiller is not properly set up on your device, and you may need to be reprogrammed.

    Please refer to our Help Center for activation solution for your specific device/carrier. Thanks!

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    Shafique Kassam

    Hi, I continually get calls from spam numbers, then afterwards I get a notification (sometimes) that the call was spam. I’m on Verizon on an iPhone XS Max. I’ve run setup and activation several times. Under Settings—Phone, Call Blocking & Identification, “RoboKiller - 1” just has a spinning icon. It doesn’t allow me to enable it. However "RoboKiller - 2" is enabled.

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