Why does it seem like I'm getting lots more spam calls since I installed RoboKiller?



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    David Smiley

    I'd like to add "me too".  Before RoboKiller, I got solicitation calls only occasionally (every few days perhaps), but enough for me to be interested in RoboKiller nonetheless.  Within minutes of me installing RoboKiller, I was getting a slew of calls from mortgage lenders (6-8 at this point).  I spoke with one and he said my information was submitted online as interested in a mortgage minutes ago.  This is a hell of a coincidence!

    Nate says: "RoboKiller does not create artificial spam or add your number to nefarious call lists". If this is true, perhaps alternatively RoboKiller's information is being hacked without RoboKiller LLC's knowledge?  

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