Can I use a single Apple ID to purchase RoboKiller on multiple phones (Family Sharing)?




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    Lawrence Kader

    The Robokiller app description in the App Store says that Family Share is supported, however, in this FAQ you state it is not. What's the deal?

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    Mike Tomes

    That is really discouraging. My family of three does not have a lot of money to spend on apps. My wife won’t be happy I added a monthly subscription at all but if I could put it in her phone also with my subscription she would understand and love it. I understand you have to make money, it’s not cheap to make these apps but if you could allow even two different phones you would probably quadruple your purchases just by word of mouth. My wife for example is a social media addict and would tell hundreds about your app instead of being mad at me and not giving the app a second thought. Just my nobody opinion. Thank you for the great app RoboKiller!

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    Neil Phillips

    You setup the Apple App Store stating that Family Sharing is allowed. Once installed, like here, you state that it isn't supported. This is deceptive. I'm reporting you to Apple and cancelling my subscription. You are worse than the spammers you block.

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