How do I cancel my RoboKiller for iOS subscription?




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    Melissa Mansker

    I am so mad.  I wanted a monthly subscription to try it out and it signed me up for a year and I can't get a refund or for my life, find a human being to talk to.  This is exactly why I hardly buy apps, no humans and you get ripped off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Team Santos

    Same thing happened to me. I didn’t even want any subscription. At the end of my trial I see a charge of $104 to my account! Please issue a refund immediately.

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    I only wanted to use the Trial Period and stated if you wanted to purchase service afterwards you can choose at end of Trial and if not you will not be charged. Then why the HELL is this app requesting I pay $32. 00 for something I only wanted to try without subscribing too.  WTH! Release my Billing Account now this is why I hate to try these swindling ripoff apps. There is NO WAY to contact any human WHY IS THIS? Does anyone know if this can be filed under the BBB?

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    John Harrington

    The exact same thing happened to me. I deleted the app thinking that would cancel it. I still got charged $104 at the end of the trial period. I cannot find an actual person to talk to anywhere from this company. This BS app is a complete scam. I will be disputing the charge on my card if I cannot get a refund.

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    Vance Absher

    I just subscribed to this "service", the subscription price of which does NOT appear on their website, because Google reports they say it's $25 per year. After I subscribed I just happened to check my emailed Apple receipt and noticed I was set to buy a year subscription for $95!! Since I canceled only a couple of hours into my "free one week trial", hopefully I won't be ripped off like the rest of these people.

    Apple... If you guys don't stop this kind of preying on your customers, you'll pay for this in the end.

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