What code/number do I have to dial to activate RoboKiller on my iPhone?




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    William Roudette

    Hello I have a new iPhone Xs on Sprint and Robokiller will not activate it KEEPS DIALING THE WRONG NUMBER and iT WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO CHANGE AND PUT IN THE  right number for Sprint activation?



    Please tell me how to fix this problem

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    Tom Gonzalez

    I have an iPhone X running iOS12 on AT&T and Robokiller will not activate. I deleted the app, rebooted the phone and reinstalled the app, made sure WiFi is off and tried to do the process over again. Still the same issue. I've talk to three different people on the Chat and still can't resolve it. I sent over plenty of screenshots and tried about 3 different numbers. Nothing. The one thing that stands out is they all say i should be seeing three options within the Settings Screen for "Call Blocking and Identification". I'm only seeing two "Neighbor Spoofing" and "Primary". They are unable to tell me what the third option should be. 

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    Charlotte Parr Watkins

    I have iPhone X and RoboKiller will not activate but I am still being charged monthly

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    Steve Jenkins

    The app was working fine for the first few months but then it basically stopped blocking the calls. I've used the "Troubleshoot Phone Setup" on the app and it calls the number, then starts initializing the Answer Bots, a voicemail then comes through, finally it times out and says "Robokiller couldn't be activated at this time." When checking the voicemail which I did NOT answer.  It went directly to voice mail (in fact, the phone did NOT even ring). When listening to the voicemail it says "Oh no you're not supposed to answer this call in order to complete the activation process please try again when you receive the incoming call send it right to voicemail" Seriously, this is want happened and it's not working. WTH?

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