What carriers are compatible with RoboKiller?




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    Clifford Neeley

    I have US Cellular and I paid for this. No you say it is not compatible?

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    Nate J.

    Hey Clifford! Thanks for reaching out. US Cellular isn't one of our currently supported carriers, but we have a workaround and should be able to get you setup. Please click the Support widget at the bottom right-hand corner of the page if you're on our site, or chat with us throuh the app. Our team is available 10am to 9pm EST to help!

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    David DeHart

    I have xfinity mobile and RoboKiller works like a charm. I wish it worked on my Voice over internet on Comcast.

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    Kendrah Edwards

    I have iPhone 5s through Straight Talk.. which is prepaid service at Walmart. Will this work with carrier before I purchase ??? Please respond thanks

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    Kevin M.

    Hi Kendrah! Unfortunately, Straight Talk is not currently supported since this carrier does not support a feature called Conditional Call Forwarding which is required for this service to work.

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