What carriers are compatible with RoboKiller?




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    Clifford Neeley

    I have US Cellular and I paid for this. No you say it is not compatible?

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    Hey Clifford! Thanks for reaching out. US Cellular isn't one of our currently supported carriers, but we have a workaround and should be able to get you setup. Please click the Support widget at the bottom right-hand corner of the page if you're on our site, or chat with us throuh the app. Our team is available 10am to 9pm EST to help!

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    Kendrah Edwards

    I have iPhone 5s through Straight Talk.. which is prepaid service at Walmart. Will this work with carrier before I purchase ??? Please respond thanks

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    Hi Kendrah! Unfortunately, Straight Talk is not currently supported since this carrier does not support a feature called Conditional Call Forwarding which is required for this service to work.

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    Aaron M. Fallon

    hello i had robokiller in my iphone se and i loved it but noticed that it didn’t work with my voice mail. i use sprint and the problem caused was when contacts tried to call me they would report my phone just ringing and ringing and my voicemail would not pick up so i wasn’t getting any messages. please tell me you have addressed and repaired this issue and if so you can count on a year membership from me

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    Will you be adding Project Fi?

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    Jolie Miller

    How do you get a carrier added?  I have GCI in Alaska and need this app!!

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    Is this supported with Boost?

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    Len Morehead

    How do I deactive robokiller on a Tracfone   (I set it up, unsubscribed, now I get your texts, I want it to stop)

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    Matteo Chirco

    Can you please add Tracfone ?

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    Skip Gorham

    Sorry if this is redundant, but I use Virgin Mobile, which uses the Sprint network.
    Can you verify if this will work with Robokiller or not?

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    Christopher Barnhardt

    I have a Cspire phone and the app is not available on the Google Play Store. I have to go to your website and select the Google App. Then it tells me that "This item isn't available on your carrier"! Can you confirm if RoboKiller is available for C Spire Customers?


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    Shane Hartman

    I have a standard unlimited data plan from ATT on an iPhone 8 Plus.  Shortly after I installed it people started having problems calling me.  Not being blocked as spam, just weird problems.  My mother, on sprint, would get a message like "not allowed to make this kind of dialed carrier call.".  My wife and coworker go "not a working number".  No message recorded in robo-killer.  No indications that they called at all.  I uninstalled the app and did the deactivatemyphone thing and the phone started working again.

    I regret that I paid for a year since I only got to use it for a few days before discovering how it affected my phone service.  If anyone asks me I will be sure to tell them to avoid this like the plague.    

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    Jacqueline M Smith

    Are you going to make it compatible with Boost ever?

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    Jacob Chappa

    I have cricket and I’m not able to deactivate it off my phone cricket doesn’t show up on the carrier list.

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    Kristofer J Marks

    Why isn't it and when will it be available with Xfinity (Comcast) mobile? 

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    Jeff DeFord

    I have T-Mobile and it RK killed my voicemail.  All diverted calls went to "the message center". 

    How do I fix this?

    Until I understand, I have deleted RoboKiller and I had to call T-Mobile tech support to have them delete all conditional forwarding. 

    BTW - phone activation w/ T-Mobile didn't work, so I used the published work-around and this was the result... <sigh>  No voicemail.  </sigh>

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