Will RoboKiller stop 100% of my robocalls/telemarketing calls?

The truth is that no app is going to be able to stop 100% of telemarketers/spammers/robocalls from calling you without also blocking legitimate callers you would want to receive calls from. Spammers are tricky and always changing their tactics. But with RoboKiller, our goal is to help you reduce your unwanted spam calls by 85% in your first month.

This can be achieved with our Blocked list, which we constantly update on your phone, and by creating your own personalized blacklist of numbers that you wish to block. If you receive a call from a spammer that RoboKiller doesn't automatically block, you should then add it to your Blocked list in the app and RoboKiller will make sure that person never gets through again.

The more numbers blacklisted on our service, the smarter RoboKiller can get. Over time, you should see a significant reduction in your unwanted calls.

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